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Senita Lenear moved to Grand Rapids from Chicago as a child. She has lived in the Third Ward for more than 30 years. The Grand Rapids Creston High School alumna graduated summa cum laude from Cornerstone University with a bachelor’s in business management and a minor in ministry leadership. She is a wife, mother, small business owner and community volunteer. She's actively involved in the faith community, along side her husband the Reverend Dallas Lenear.
Senita has more than 20 years of business experience, which includes a variety of leadership positions at the largest healthcare insurance provider in the state and owning an event planning and business consulting firm. She was appointed to the Grand Rapids Public Schools Board of Education in October 2007. Two years later, she was elected by Grand Rapids citizens to serve a four-year term on the Grand Rapids Board of Education.
Education is one of Senita's passions, along with serving the community in a variety of ways. She has served as President of the Kent Intermediate Association of School Boards and as a member of the Student Advancement Foundation and Varnum’sDiversity and Inclusion Advisory Council.
Senita has been honored with a number of community awards, including Cornerstone University’s 2014 Alumna of the Year, a YWCA Tribute Award for community service, Zeta Phi Beta Woman of the Year, NAACP Presidential, Legacy and Giants awards, among many others.
Senita was elected as a Third Ward City Commissioner during the primary in August 2013, and she joined the City Commission in January 2014. Since joining the Commission, she has served as chairwoman of the Mayor’s Safe Alliance for Everyone (SAFE) Task Force, which developed a violence-reduction strategy for the City. She also has served on the Great Housing Strategies committee, along with Commissioners Ruth Kelly and Elias Lumpkins, which has provided recommendations for addressing our community’s housing needs. Additionally, Senita has served on County’s Friend of the Court (FOC) and Lead taskforces. She launched a Human Trafficking workgroup to look closely at how our community has been impacted by this industry.
She has enjoyed serving the City’s Third Ward by promoting community engagement. She is committed to making informed decisions on behalf of the community and encourages comments from the public. For City related concerns, please contact 311 or call her office at 616-456-3860.