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Dan-Koorndyk.jpg“As a graduate of Ottawa Hills High School and a lifelong resident of Grand Rapids, I appreciate the passion for public service Senita brought to the GRPS Board. I look forward to her bringing this same passion to the city commission and working with her on City/County common challenges.  I ask you to please vote for Senita for Third Ward City Commissioner on Tuesday, August 6th!”   Dan Koorndyk, Chairman, Kent County Board of Commissioners 
EllenJames.jpg"Senita is a woman of courage and vision. She has proven to this community that she can bring many voices to the table for resolve. She will do the same as our City Commissioner. She provides the uniqueness of being the first African-American elected to the Grand Rapids City Commission and I believe the generation after her needs to see this type of example of strong leadership! Your vote for her is a vote for and experienced leader. Vote Senita Lenear on Tuesday, August 6th!"
Ellen James,
Grand Rapids Community College Board of Trustee
Jane-Gietzen.jpg“I had the privilege to serve with Senita on the school board and have seen her experience and skills in action. Senita has a proven track record of service to this city and will work diligently to serve the City of Grand Rapids. Senita’s background in business and public service gives her a unique and valuable perspective that is crucial in moving the Third Ward forward. I can’t think of anyone else better to serve in this capacity. Vote Senita Lenear on Tuesday, August 6th”
—Jane Gietzen, Former Member,
Grand Rapids Board of Education
Maureen-Slade.jpgElect another strong leader to join the City Commission, Vote for Senita Lenear on August 6th!
Want commitment and dedication to the people of Grand Rapids? Vote for Senita Lenear for City Commission on August 6th!
It was great working with Senita on the GRPS Board of Education. Senita is thoughtful, positive and committed to the people of Grand Rapids. She will bring integrity and a strong work ethic to the City Commission.
Having worked with Senita on the GRPS Board of Education, I can attest to her commitment, integrity and concern for all of the people of Grand Rapids!
Senita has demonstrated her leadership skills, her integrity and her commitment to the Grand Rapids community through her work on the Board of Education. I strongly recommend her for the Grand Rapids City Commission. “As an advocate for seniors, I’m supporting Senita because she’s thoughtful, positive and committed to the people of Grand Rapids. She will bring integrity and strong work ethic to the City Commission.”
Maureen Slade,
Vice President
Grand Rapids Board of Education
Elias-Lumpkins.jpg“Senita Lenear has been and continues to be an intelligent and independent thinker who is committed to improving educational, economic and environmental opportunities for ALL people. Her transformational experiences have prepared her well for the challenges/opportunities faced by our City. She’s the best person to serve in this capacity. Join me in going to the polls to vote Senita Lenear on Tuesday, August 6th.”
Elias Lumpkins,
Third Ward City Commissioner
City of Grand Rapids
BrandonDillon.jpg“Senita Lenear is a hardworking and experienced leader. She has a passion for public service and will make a great city commissioner. A vote for Senita is a vote for a dedicated leader. Vote Senita Lenear on Tuesday, August 6th!”
Brandon Dillon
State Representative,
75th House District
Christina-Arnold.jpg“The City’s Third Ward has a culturally diverse population. Senita Lenear’s commitment diversity and inclusion within the Grand Rapids community will be invaluable in the decisions she will make as a commissioner. Go to the polls and vote Senita Lenear on Tuesday, August 6th!”
Christina Arnold
Director, Bob & Aleicia Woodrick
Diversity Learning Center, GRCC
DaveHildenbrand.jpg“Senita Lenear is a strong, independent leader with hands-on experience that is needed to lead the Third Ward through these difficult economic times and to keep our City moving forward. Vote for Senita on Tuesday, August 6th!”
Dave Hildenbrand
State Senator,
29th Senate District
SandySmith.jpg“Senita Lenear’s diverse experience with labor, management, human resources and community relations are qualities that qualify her to be a good candidate for the commission seat. She has served well on the school board and with her aspirations to continue to represent our community, I feel she would be great. Voting for and experienced leader on Tuesday, August 6th by voting Senita Lenear.”
Sandy Smith
UAW/BCBSM Joint Programs Liaison, former Chair of Kent County Democratic Party Committee
DickOrtega.jpg"Senita Lenear is one of the most committed, professional, hard-working women I have ever had the privilege of working with. Senita has committed a good share of her life to represent and speak for people in the Grand Rapids community that are very near to her heart. Make history by voting for the first African-American woman to sit on the commission!"
Dick Ortega
Retired Business Owner
Community Leader
4554_mari-beth.jpg“I am supporting Senita because she is the most qualified person seeking the 3rd ward commissioner seat. She is a person of demonstrated faith and integrity, who cares about the present and future direction of this city. Senita has gained superb professional work experience serving as an effective policy maker for GRPS one of the most important government institution in our area. She understands the role of governance, and how public policy works to greatly influence the community.
Knowing her personally I believe she is sincerely committed to improving the quality of life for all citizens of the city of Grand Rapids. Without a doubt, Senita is the best qualified candidate for the position and in her leadership role on the Board of Education was able to engage in partnership efforts between the City and GRPS to work on community issues of mutual concern.
Senita is a positive, hopeful person who has a great work ethic to support her vision and commitment to Grand Rapids. On top of all of those successful attributes, there is no better person I can think of to make history as the "First African American Female" to serve on the Grand Rapids City Commission.”
Mari Beth Jelks
CarnelRichardson.jpg“I am supporting the Senita Lenear because I believe that Senita is a proven public servant for the City of GR. She has shown her passion for this community during her tenure on the GRPS School board and continues to fight to ensure that GR is a safe, clean and attractive City for all people to enjoy. Senita is professional, yet compassionate and I believe that as a commissioner she will work hard for the people! Go to the polls on Tuesday, August 6th and vote Senita Lenear!”
Carnel Richardson
LaTarroTraylor.jpg“Senita Lenear is an adept elected official and she is a genuine person. She is approachable, accessible, and sincere and focused on resolutions that will benefit her constituents. I plan to be on the right side of history when I vote for Senita Lenear! Join me at the polls on Tuesday, August 6th because our future depends on your participation!”
LaTarro Traylor,
Third Ward Resident
FrankLynn.jpg“Simply put: Senita Lenear is the right person for the job!”
Frank Lynn,
Community Activist
KristianGrant.jpg“I support Senita Lenear as our next Third Ward City commissioner because I believe that we need to have someone in office that is not afraid to be a voice for our families and children, who are underrepresented in decision making positions, but are a large percentage of our community. I’m confident in Senita’s abilities to speak for all people with a voice that will be respected by others. My ballot will have Senita Lenear’s name checked and I hope yours will, too! Vote Tuesday, August 6th! ”
Kristian Grant,
Small Business owner
“A few years ago I joined the Committee to Elect Senita Lenear out of a desire to get moving and to shed some unwanted pounds. I figured I could be active both physically and in the community supporting a quality candidate. This has now grown into a passion to help a COMMITTED SERVANT on her quest to grow Grand Rapids into a viable community for ALL. Her PASSION is contagious and I am thankful I caught it! A desire to LOVE, SERVE and GROW the Greater Grand Rapids Community is a great thing to catch! Have you caught it yet? Vote Senita Lenear on Tuesday, August 6th!”
Glenda Hayden
Precinct Captain